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About the project

01-12-2015 12:58

The objective of the project “Virtual Exhibitions of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova” is to promote domestic entrepreneurship, products and services on international markets.

This project is an innovative idea in exhibition area. It was implement with the support of European Union in the framework of project ,, Black Sea Programme” with participation of consortium of six countries, representatives of 5 countries from Black Sea area: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Moldova and Turkey

A main objective of the project was to create a virtual platform, which will present all benefits of real exhibition. Visitors can got o each stand, can put different questions, exchange contacts, and obtain useful information.

Institute for Development of Information Society of Academy of Science of Moldova had a great contribution in the process of making platform.

What is a virtual exhibition?

Virtual Exhibition is an online event, with online translation, in a concrete period of time. This event is like a real exhibition, but the interaction between people is not depended of their geographical location.

For whom is created virtual exhibitions?

Participants of virtual exhibitions are exponents and visitors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual exhibitions compared to the real ones?

Virtual exhibitions aren’t competitive with real ones.  Virtual exhibition can’t replace the real exhibition because real contact has a great importance for many people. But, for a good marketer will use this innovative technology to promote his product and find new clients. This kind of exhibition is a productive way to grow up you business.

Some differences of this type of exhibition and another we can consider advantages:

  1. This kind of exhibition exempt of a lot expenses like design and build of the stand, productions of the souvenirs and different promotional materials, customs duties, travel expenses of staff related to the enterprise in international exhibitions.
  2. Exhibitors can create a personal stand and complete it with different products, start with price list and finish with promotional video. To arrange a virtual stand needs little time in compare to build a stand in real exhibition.
  3. Exhibition gives some advantage to different companies who can’t participate on the event. Our experiences confirm that virtual exhibition is a base to organize a real exhibition.
  4. Visitor saves time, money and financial resources.

The main advantages of virtual exhibition are opportunity to visit it, everywhere you are. You need only computer and internet connection. So, the exhibition can be visited by a lot of people, who can’t visit the real exhibition.

The functional system of platform allows exhibitors to follow the number and location of visitors and the exhibits that enjoy great popularity. You can also compare these indicators with those of other participants of the exhibition, and competing for leadership.

Further information: International Relations and Business Events Department of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, Ms Marina Petrova, tel .: 022-23-84-10, e-mail: